10 Simple and Pleasing Logo Designs

10 Simple and Pleasing Logo Designs that inspires and captures our attention. Simplicity and Uniqueness is a lifetime investment for your business. A Customized Logo Design can help instant recognition of what its stands for.

1. Lacoste

The Lacoste logo comes from the French tennis player Rene Lacoste, who was nicknamed "The Alligator" or "The Crocodile" in the 1920s. He struck a deal with a manufacturer to make clothes with a crocodile logo.

2. Linux Penguin

The concept of the Linux mascot being a penguin came from Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. Tux was created by Larry Ewing in 1996.

3. Logi Tech

Concept on computer peripheral devices has existed in that country since 1982, and its parent company has used the Logitech brand name since 1974.

4. NBA

Vibrant colors of the NBA logo correlate with the vibrancy of the fast paced game of basketball. The National basketball Association’s logo features Jerry West, also known as “Mr. Clutch” on their NBA logo.

5. Nike

The Nike "Swoosh" is a design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. The logo represents the wing of the Greek Goddess.

6. Apple Inc.

Apple’s first logo, designed by Jobs and Wayne, depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Almost immediately, though, this was replaced by Rob Janoff’s “rainbow Apple,” .

7. Cannon

The Canon logo, introduced in 1935, has undergone several changes as the company has grown.A designer specializing in advertising created the original Canon logo in 1935. The "C" was unique in that its top end curved inward, ending in a sharp point. This style of typeface did not then exist in Europe or North America.

8. Fender

Famous for its electric guitars like the stratocaster and the telecaster and it large selection of basses.

9. Ferrari

The horse was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a legendary ace of the Italian air force during World War I. Famous symbol of Ferrari is a black prancing horse on yellow background, usually with the letters S F for Scuderia Ferrari.

10. Ford Motors

The Ford oval, the primary symbol representing Ford Motor Company last 100 years, modernized into a centennial version.

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