Latest Trends In Logo And Graphics Designs

The Vital Part of your Business is your Marketing Campaigns. Designing a Graphics and Logo Designs should be planned well to come up with a good Designs. Having a quality and unique designs with the right characteristics can create a solid visual impact and leave a permanent impression on their customer’s mind. A professional logo and graphics design would strengthen your brand and established the image of your company. The best way to do that is to apply the latest trends in graphics and logo designing that makes a design more attractive and unique.

Latest Trends in Graphics Design are:

Web 2.0 Designs

• Combination of bright colors, color levels, cute, icons, 3D effects, shiny surfaces, shadows and reflexions. The fonts are simple and most of them rounded with shine effects on it.

Swooshes we called Waves

• Fading color pattern usually used within them, Waves have quickly raised up the ranks of popular logo designs.

Transparency in Layer Designs

• Allows the combination of different design elements offering the viewer a special image. Transparency helps create perspective and the ability to see through something

3D Graphics Designs

• The new trend in 3D logos is to create an organic effect. It can give web page designs a range of 3D illusions, which are powerful devices for managing attention.

Underground and Trashed Text

• These logos are based on using minimal fonts that are achieved by using as few elements as possible such as basic shapes .

Color Scale Combinations

• Technique using vivid colors. The use of dark to bright colors that contrast with each other.

Vintage Grunge Designs

• Dirty stains, broken icons, torn images, and creased pieces of paper . Known as hand-drawn elements and dirty textures. The purpose of hand-drawn elements is to ability to convey a personality without any glossy effects.

Damask Patterns

• Best for Combining Text with this patterns. Sometimes use as backgrounds or even overlayed in text or objects.

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